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The Most Technologically Advanced Country

This post is in response to this week’s writing challenge: The Best Medicine. I have posted a satirical joke. Some of you will have seen this before in a separate post found at: https://internationaleconomicmatters.wordpress.com/2013/03/03/india-is-the-most-technologically-advanced-country-in-the-world/, however this is the best piece of original … Continue reading

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Weekly Writing Challenge: The State of the State

Some governments get involved in nearly every aspect of our life and this is how it should stay. The matter in question is freedom. I agree it would be nice to have freedom but when you mix together freedom with … Continue reading

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Trip to Norway

Disclaimer: The below piece is creative writing and not factual, although I probably wish it was. It was 2 am. I had just rubbed my eyes and shifted over to my side to snatch for my phone on my beside … Continue reading

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Weekly Writing Challenge: Truth is Stranger than Fiction-Take 2

I am an avid follower of cricket and I’m smiling because I’m wearing a India cricket top, which has been signed by Sunil Gavaskar. For any of you who don’t know who he is, he is a cricket legend, one … Continue reading

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Around 2 and a half years ago my parents and I went on a wonderful holiday to Mauritius during my summer break. One of the activities we did on that trip was parasailing. Parasailing is an activity done in the … Continue reading

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