The Most Technologically Advanced Country

This post is in response to this week’s writing challenge: The Best Medicine. I have posted a satirical joke. Some of you will have seen this before in a separate post found at:, however this is the best piece of original satire that I can come up with so here it is, resubmitted for this challenge. Hope you like it:  

The Indian, American and British leaders all met up. They had come together so that they could dispute which of their countries was the most technologically advanced.

Indian, American and British flags

The American President first took the British and Indian leaders to USA. He then got his men to dig into the ground. The Americans went on digging. They went: 10ft…30ft….50ft…..70ft…..100ft deep into the ground. The men stopped digging when they got 100ft into the ground, because they found a wire. The American President said, “Look, my country is the most advanced we’ve had telecommunications in our country for 100 years.”

The British Prime Minister responded, “I’ll prove you wrong. Come over to Britain.” So all three leaders went to Britain where the Britons started to unearth their land. They went: 10ft…..30ft….50ft….70ft….100ft….130ft….150ft deep into the ground. The British PM said, ” Look, I told you we Brits were the best. We are certainly the most technologically advanced in the world. We have had telecommunications in our country for 150 years.”

The Indian PM then invited the British and American leaders to his country. All three of them flew to India. Once they got to Delhi the Indian PM instructed his men to start digging. They went: 10ft….30ft….50ft….70ft….100ft…..130ft…..160ft…..200ft deep into the ground. The Indians that were digging could still not find the telephone line they were searching for. The Indian PM then declared, “I always knew India was the most technologically advanced. Look, we haven’t found a cable after digging 200ft into the ground. This concludes that we’ve have been wireless for the past 200 years. You can’t beat that can you?”

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