Eight Causes of Poverty

The eight causes of poverty are:

  1. Environmental Problems-e.g. Natural disasters, which mean whole communities, are seriously weakened and there is a large financial strain, which LEDCs don’t have the resources to overcome.
  2. Healthcare-poor healthcare leads to high infant mortality rates, women becoming more likely to die from childbirth, and preventable diseases becoming fatal. This all leads to unnecessary deaths and this makes it very difficult for families and communities to develop economically.
  3. Conflict-Warfare and civil strife within and between countries take resources and workers away into conflict, while services such as health and education, and agriculture suffer. Conflict often drives people away from their homes and destroys their way of earning a living leaving them unable to live safe and productive lives.
  4. Bad Government-Corruption and mismanagement waste resources and lead to bad decisions by leaders.
  5. HIV/Aids-Younger adults are the ones most affected and aids kill these adults that have HIV or seriously weaken them. This is an especially serious problem as the younger population make up the larger part of the workforce in LEDCs (where aids is a big problem and if the workforce is limited in size then the country cannot develop properly.
  6. Trade Barriers-Unfair trade rules keep MEDCs rich and LEDCs poor. The trade cycle is very unfair on MEDCs
  7. Greed in MEDCs-MEDCs use their power and influence to take and consume far more of the world’s wealth than is fair.
  8. Debt-LEDCs have borrowed large sums of money from MEDCs in the past and find it very difficult to pay these loans back.
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