Weekly Writing Challenge: The State of the State

Some governments get involved in nearly every aspect of our life and this is how it should stay. The matter in question is freedom. I agree it would be nice to have freedom but when you mix together freedom with our human nature you brew up unrest.We may like to think of our human nature as good but this is generally only due to social pressures. Our real human nature at its core is one of a nasty nature and we would rip our society apart if we had the ability to do whatever we wished. Many of the positive aspects of our human nature are due to nurture not nature and this is why without a strong government control our society would not prosper. We as individuals all have different goals and these will almost certainly conflict; therefore we need a government to intervene, for us to move forward.

When we try to do things as individuals it is much harder to get things done, whereas if there is a collective action in the form of government policy things proceed much more efficiently and therefore we need government support in more than just the big-issues. After all, “Every penny counts.” Every small step will count towards a big one for our society and we should embrace the government trying to help us along the way.

I agree that government isn’t great as it restricts our freedom, however I believe we need a democratic government. I believe a democratic government is bad but it is not as bad as the other types of government out there. When we are born we automatically sign a social contract, which means we give to the state and they are supposed to give back. There is a symbiotic relationship between the government and us and we need this for a prosperous world, therefore I think it is right for the government to get involved in the nitty gritty aspects of our life (e.g ban soda to tackle obesity).

I agree that government may not always make the right decisions, however I often realise that we can be very critical of our politicians. In some cases that is okay, but there are also quite a few circumstances where we couldn’t do a better job ourselves, so we shouldn’t be moaning. After all we do get to vote for the party in power and we should use this vote effectively to get what we want through indirect democracy. Direct democracy also comes into play with things like the Scotland referendum and I think there should be more direct democracy for the more specific aspects of government policy.

Just to end this off I would like to share with you something my uncle said. He said, “India has law, China has order; but neither has law or order.” I found this rather amusing even though that it was the sad truth of life. I believe we need government in our life for law and order, even though this can infringe heavily on our freedom. After all government is for the greater good. The only major problem with government is corruption. Corruption is the thing that is unearthing our society. Take India for example. Its government is very corrupt and this is why India isn’t moving at the pace it should be.

I’ve written this piece in response to this week’s weekly writing challenge, which can be found at: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/03/25/writing-challenge-government/ 

I encourage you to check the link out and vote in the poll. The more votes the merrier! You too can expand your thoughts in a blog post like me or simply vote what you think. That is a great example of direct democracy and that is rather ironic in the context of my post. I’ve gone off at a bit of a tangent, but that is because I wanted to also add my own personal flavour to the challenge. 🙂 Please leave a comment, especially if you strongly agree or have a very different viewpoint.

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9 Responses to Weekly Writing Challenge: The State of the State

  1. Teepee12 says:

    An interesting point of view. Never thought about it that way. Thanks for the insight.

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  3. freeonus says:

    Let me see if I followed you. Human nature is corrupt. Government should control human nature. Government is corrupt.

    You know, government is made of humans, right? And, that historically, if results count for anything, it hasn’t operated for the greater good.

    You use the word democracy, but you speak here of totalitarianism. Democracy in a totalitarian system is meaningless because the choice is only government control. So which is it that you want, democracy or totalitarianism?

  4. freeonus says:

    Ahh…I followed your About. You are quite young and I appreciate that you are working through and writing about these issues.

    Consider this. In the UK and USA, people in your age group have been nurtured through the education system (both public and private), through government action and through the media towards collectivist thinking. Thus, it’s very natural for many in your age group to conclude what you did in your post. I challenge you to look at history. Look at the kind of society that collectivist thinking results in over and over again. And then consider…is this the system you want to live with?

    • aket95 says:

      I will do.
      Did you post in response to the state of the state challenge. If you did could you please leave a link in the comments, because I would be interested in hearing what you have to say.

  5. freeonus says:

    I did not write to the challenge, but I do have some things on my page that might pertain to it in terms of where I think the US is on the spectrum and how I think the trade of freedom for security has gotten us there. Here are two, but there are many posts out there that take on the subject given government power is the primary subject of by blog.

    On this one, you’d might need to to follow the link to An Orwellian State to fully understand the post. The article may be expecially interesting to you as it is written by an economics expert.
    The Improbability of Liberty Through Political Means

    This one explains where I think American is today…named from another Orwellian reference:
    The Boot is On

    Several others are out there on my page – In January/February a few on the abuses of executive orders in general and gun control in particular. In February/March I turn to more about drones, executive ability to kill American citizens, and surveillance. Although you might not see the connection between these posts and my views on your post, consider, as is explained in An Orwellian State link, that it goes back to the slide towards collectivist thinking. I’d like to know what you think after reading some or all of these references – especially An Orwellian State.

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