Trip to Norway

Disclaimer: The below piece is creative writing and not factual, although I probably wish it was.

It was 2 am. I had just rubbed my eyes and shifted over to my side to snatch for my phone on my beside cabinet. I had heard a ring and saw my phone emit pulses of white light in the middle of the night. I regreted having left my phone on and went to turn it off, however I could see an icon at the top. I knew I had received a text. I could not hold back my curiosity for long and opened the message soon after grabbing my phone.

I was puzzled to see a picture of me in Norway along with a few friends and a teacher. I had never been to Norway and was rather dumbstruck. I looked at the message’s sender and found out that the sender had blocked his/her number. I brushed off the message and went back to sleep.

Unfortunately I could not get back to sleep. I was restless and tossed and turned in the bed. It turned 2:30am but I still could not take my mind of the picture. I tried to think laterally for a minute but my mind remained blank. Nothing came to me.

I slowly fell to sleep and dreamt about school. I then woke up again. This time because I felt hungry. I crept downstairs and went to the kitchen to get a couple of biscuits, when a thought struck me.

The penny dropped and I realised that the picture was a foreshadowing and invitation. I still didn’t know who the sender was, why he would want to stay anonymous or send something so late in the night, but I knew the picture was a foreshadowing.

A fortnight ago my geography teacher told my class that we could enter an essay into a national competition if we would like. It wasn’t part of the regular curriculum, hence it wasn’t compulsory, but it would be a good way to stretch ourselves. I didn’t take the suggestion on board and simply thought it would be a waste of time. The winnings were big with there being a free trip for 4 friends and a teacher to Norway for a 5 day trip, but I thought that ordinary people like me never win anything big, hence I never really thought of entering. However my mind changed as I realised what the picture was.

The picture was showing me with friends and a teacher in Norway and my dream was about school. The message I received showed that I had won the competition and was enjoying my prize. The message was telling me to enter the competition as I would come first and win the trip to Norway. My mind told me I was being ridiculous, but my heart said otherwise.

I decided I would write a response and went back upstairs having forgotten about the biscuits that I came down for. By now it was 3 in the morning. I pulled the covers over my head but just then I realised the deadline for the paper was tomorrow morning. I had to get the essay into my geography teacher in school by tomorrow, otherwise I wouldn’t be entered.

It’s ridiculous, but I went downstairs to my study and started to write my response to the open-ended essay question, “Evaluate the assertion that the most significant impacts of the eruption of Eyjafjallajokull might be considered to be international rather than local.”

It was a busy night and I finished the essay by 6 in the morning. I had a one hour snooze and dragged myself to school next day. I gave the paper into the teacher first thing and then pretended I was sick and took the day off as drowsiness got the better of me.

4 months later……

4 months later I was sitting at my desk doing some homework when I got an email. I checked the email and read the subject first. The subject was “Congratulations.” I opened the message and was delighted to find out that I had won the essay competition. At that moment I was over the moon since it was the first big thing I had won and I was speechless, but only one thought ran through my mind. That thought was that God had sent me that picture at 2 am in the night.


I enjoyed writing my response for this week’s writing challenge, which can be found at:

The first few thoughts that came into my head were all negative and I quickly dismissed these. I wanted to write about something positive, hence I wrote about winning something. My key points that I wanted to convey were that God sent the message and the photo was a foreshadowing of success. I could have wrote about winning anything, including big things like the lottery, but I stayed away from this as this is cliche and I wanted to write about something more personal. I have actually entered an essay for the Outstanding Geography Student Award responding to the question I mentioned in the main body of text above. Parts of what I have written are true, but most bits are not. My post is a piece of creative writing, not factual writing. I have not yet received the results for the competition and would really like to win for pride more than anything else, but know I am very unlikely to. (I want to post the essay I wrote but think doing so is a bad idea, as if it isn’t already marked the marker may put it through an electronic device to check for plagiarism and find that it’s copied of my blog, but they won’t know it is my blog.)

Thanks for reading hope you’ve enjoyed reading my post. 🙂

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4 Responses to Trip to Norway

  1. AvA_Martini says:

    I like your story about foreshadowing. 🙂 makes me wonder about signs that God gives us daily… Hope you win the competition!

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