“That game is not for your phone.”

Movies don’t usually translate well into games, and similarly to that games meant for proper games consoles like the Xbox and PS3 are never going to be a hit on your mobile device. That’s my take on it at least.

A collage of games on my mobile devices

A collage of games on my mobile devices

According to me the best games on mobile devices are those designed for mobile devices. If you’ve ever tried to pay massive big name games such as Fifa or COD on your iPad or phone you’ll know what I’m saying. Games such as Fifa and COD are generally very popular, dare I say good, on consoles like PS3 and Xbox, however when they transfer onto your phone or tablet the game loses its X-factor. I’m not saying the game is necessarily bad, I’m just saying a game meant for a console should stay on a console, as on a mobile device there are many better games around for you to explore. A good example to illustrate what I’m saying is Batman. The game rocks on my PS3, but on my iPad it just isn’t the same, the controls are nowhere as good, the graphics don’t give me the same experience as on a PS3 and the game is just not the same. There aren’t many games better than Batman Arkham City on PS3, but there are tons of better games than Batman on iPad.

Now before I go any further I want to find out how many of you agree with me, so if you could please answer the following poll.

Today I’ve downloaded a new game on my Samsung S2. The game is called Rayman Jungle Run and as many of you gaming fans will know, Rayman was one of the best Playstation exclusive games developed for its time. I think that Rayman Jungle Run is absolutely fantastic. The graphics are good, levels creative, it is fun to play and the controls are simple (just the way they should be on a mobile game). Now some of you may be thinking of me as a hypocrite. Thinking I’ve said that games on consoles don’t transfer well onto a mobile device, but Rayman, which is one of the most famous Playstation games, is one of the most fun games on my phone. If you’re thinking the above than you’ve missed the point.

Rayman Jungle Run

The point isn’t that characters originally developed for games consoles can’t be entertaining to play on mobile devices. The point is that games built for games consoles don’t transfer onto mobile devices well. There is a very subtle difference in what I’ve said and reading over it I’m not surprised if I’ve puzzled you. (If I have then I’m sorry.) You see Rayman Jungle Run is using one of Playstation’s famous creations, but the game itself has been developed for a mobile device. The game hasn’t been transferred from a Playstation, in fact it isn’t even available on Playstation and if it were it wouldn’t be no match for its competition.

The way you can usually tell whether a mobile game has originally been developed for a games console or mobile device without having any other knowledge is by looking at the controls. If the controls are complex and fiddly the game is likely to have been copied from a games console and formatted to be compatible with your phone or tablet. If the controls are simple and effective (work well, easy to use, feel natural etc.) then the game is most probably been made to be played on a mobile device. Obviously there are also awful games where the controls are rubbish anyway, but I avoid these games and delete them as soon as I come across them.

Just to finish off I wanted to share with you a list of my top 10 games on mobile devices. (These are in no particular order, since my preferences keep changing and ordering them would be a heck of a challenge for me.)

  • Jetpack Joyride
  • Doodle Jump
  • Agent Dash
  • Subway Surfers
  • Temple Run
  • Bike Race
  • Drag Racing
  • Plague
  • Real Racing 2
  • Rayman Jungle Run
  • Plants vs Zombies

If there are any you think are missing from the list or shouldn’t be in there then please feel free to leave a comment. I may agree and update the list or I may just respond with my reason why I disagree with you. After all gaming is about opinions and ours could be very different. 🙂

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