Seven reasons why your TV is a Necessity

Today I want to make you to think about something you probably take for granted. Today I would like to impose on you the question, “Is a TV a necessity or want?” Firstly I feel I should define the terms the necessity and want. According to the Oxford dictionary the word necessity means a basic requirement of life and a thing that is essential. A want is everything apart from necessities, something you would like but don’t need.

Television: Necessity or Want

I believe that a TV is definitely a necessity. My title for this post is seven reasons why your TV is a necessity and the seven reasons that I’ve compiled are:

  • A  TV is one of the most important means of audio-visual communication.
  • It reaches far & wide hence is almost an irreplaceable mode of conveying important information across the world.
  • Formal literacy is not required to watch, learn & enjoy from television.
  • It has an appeal across all age groups.
  • It has a number of roles from imparting news, knowledge, information & entertainment.
  • Life would be dull & insipid without watching the wonderful entertainment on television.
  • One can go on & on but television is certainly a great media & life certainly would not be the same without its invention!

These views listed above have made me form my opinion that a TV is a necessity.

Image URL: The Development Gap: North / South Divide. LEDC countries are shown in Red. and MEDC countries are shown in Blue. The boundary between the different shades of lighter blue and red show the Brandt Line.

Image URL: 
The Development Gap: North / South Divide. LEDC countries are shown in Red. and MEDC countries are shown in Blue. The boundary between the different shades of lighter blue and red show the Brandt Line.

Right now you might be thinking why I’m showing you a map of the world. The reason is that the map depicts less economically developed countries (LEDCs) in red and more economically developed countries (MEDCs) in blue and it is commonly thought that goods such as televisions and computers are essential (necessities) in MEDCs, but wants in LEDCs. I disagree with this view that televisions are wants in LEDCs, because I think that a television is for more than just its entertainment value, which I agree isn’t a necessity in countries where people are starving, however I think that a television’s purpose is also to convey important information to people all over the world and I don’t think it is fair to deprive people of information (e.g. news), which is very well portrayed on a TV as I’ve already mentioned.

Personally I live in called Great Britain, which as you all know is a rich country (MEDC). I’m 15 and being part of the younger generation I use televisions and technology in every step of my life and couldn’t do without them. Even with my personal background I still recognise that some people can only dream of owning a television, but this still hasn’t changed by view on whether they’re a necessity. After all there are many necessities which people in the world are deprived of.

I’ve told you want I think and you’ve been all ears, but now I would like to listen to you and would be very grateful if you answered the 2 polls below. I’m really interested in getting feedback to these questions and the more feedback the merrier, therefore I kindly plea to you to encourage others to get involved in these polls too. Thanks. 🙂

I’ve asked for your feedback via these polls and comments, however I recognise that this feedback is likely to be quite biased, since none of you bloggers are likely to be dirt poor or without an electric device such as a computer or TV (otherwise you wouldn’t be on WordPress), therefore I’m predicting that many of you will think televisions are a necessity.

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3 Responses to Seven reasons why your TV is a Necessity

  1. We’re often confused at the next step to take, making pros and cons lists until our eyes bleed and
    Oakley Jupiter Squared

  2. Anonymous says:

    televition waste many times

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