A Blogger’s Journey & Source of Inspiration

I have been posting for a while now and have gone through certain phases as a blogger, but I think now is the right time to reveal my inspiratory source that has got me blogging and the truth about my journey as a blogger.

This is a cropped image of my school's (KEGS') logo.

This is a cropped image of my school’s (KEGS’) logo.

I go to a grammar school called KEGS and our headmaster encouraged us to take up blogging. The reason being that my school’s mission statement is to develop all-rounded globally principled students. To make a globally principled student is hard but the school has taken certain measures by making us pursue languages and encouraging us to go on foreign exchanges. Our headmaster had run his own blog for a year and he found that it was very satisfying, so he told us to have a go. He said we should set one up and aim to get as many hits as possible from as many different countries as possible. Now your probably thinking that teenage boys probably aren’t going to be motivated enough to start their own blog and I reckon this was the same thought that flew through my headmaster’s mind, because he decided to lure us with an incentive. He said that our blog would be part of a competition and the blogger with the most hits from the most countries will win £100.

Hearing the above in an assembly people immediately set up their own blogs hoping to hit the jackpot. Lots of my friends set up blogs, but I waited a while. I told my friends and others that they were being too materialistic/greedy, not wanting to actually sustain a blog just wanting to have a shot at £100. I was mostly right about this as multiple people blogged for a month and gave up, although I have to give credit to a select few who have sustained their blog from day 1 and are going very strong, 100s of times stronger than I am. At the start everyone thought that this “blogging thing” will be easy and the reward will far outweigh the input of effort needed, but how wrong people were.

I initially decided to hold fire (not start a blog), because I realized that it would take up a lot of time and effort (and it has). I also felt that if I started blogging then it would probably be to win £100, not for the actual joy of blogging.

However in a month’s time I decided to start a blog as one of my friends had accumulated 100s of hits from numerous nations. (I have to admit I felt a bit envious.) I started to think about how satisfying it would be get views from around the world. I started blogging in anticipation of being recognized globally. When starting up I thought it was necessary to write about a certain topic, although I now know it wasn’t. I decided to write about economics, because I’m passionate about the subject, even though I haven’t learnt anything about it in school. (I have just gained knowledge from geography, history and wider reading.) I have now found out I’ve exhausted my knowledge bank and therefore I just post in response to Daily Post challenges, which by the way are brilliant. Thank you Daily Post!

Now to go on with my story. I said I’ve been through phases. There was a period when I got literally no views, consequently I lost interest in blogging and become greedy thinking of only winning £100. I stopped enjoying blogging but I kept on blogging hoping to become Freshly Pressed and suddenly get hits.

I can now put my hand on heart and say I’ve got over that phase. I’ve been blogging for three months and am prepared to sustain my blog for years to come. I genuinely enjoy posting and don’t get disheartened by the lack of views I tend to get. I can promise you I no longer long just to win the hundred pounds.

However if I did win the hundred pounds I would give the money to Sahayog Pratishthan. Sahayog is non-government funded charity that works in an economically backward region of Maharashtra. My grandfather (a hugely inspiratory figure for me) was one of the founding members of the charity. The charity has embarked on its biggest project of building a school and is in need of funds. I would love to give to this charity as I can also see the work they’re doing as I visit every year. I’ve previously given to the charity out of my own pocket money and was happy to see the money being well spent on text books. I believe that those like me who’ve been blessed my God should try and give a little more to those in need.

If any of you would want to visit blogs written by my fellow students then you can go to kegsblogs by clicking through the link or typing in the URL which is:http://kegsblogs.wordpress.com/

I hope my post has been revelatory and interesting for you to read. I try my best. I would just like to make a mention to Harper Faulkner, whose wonderful post I read on Freshly Pressed. It’s this post (which can be found at: http://rtewrite.wordpress.com/2013/02/05/why-i-write/) that got me writing about my journey as a blogger.

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4 Responses to A Blogger’s Journey & Source of Inspiration

  1. Absolutely excellent! I will follow your journey and encourage my followers to do the same. All Joy. HF

  2. indytony says:

    I appreciate the story of your blogging inspiration. Sometimes our motives for doing something good are less than pure. I had a friend in college who sold one of his paintings for a carton of cigarettes.

    Keep up the good work. Writing is a noble adventure.

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