My Ideal World-The White Globe?

My White Globe

Every day I pray to God asking for us to become conscious of our duties in life and to fulfill them with to the best of our abilities. I wish for those that are immersed in grief and sorrow to be blessed by God. I wish for us all to be bestowed with peace and happiness.

(Before I start I would like to say that I in no way support communist ideology.) I would like to point out that for much of our life we keep on arguing about what’s your and what’s mine. We’ve boundaries, which are constantly disputed, consequently causing tension, maybe even leading to violence. The kind of boundaries I’m taking about are to do with material possessions like land etc. and physical boundaries. What I’m suggesting is that we as a society try and have a more open view and try to be more accepting so that we get along better with people.

My proposal would be to have a white globe, a world with no physical boundaries. There are tons of political disputes over land and this can have a very damaging effect like in the Gaza Strip, where the Palestinians are fighting with the Israelis. I think it would just be better if we had one country on our planet Earth. After all many people (especially Darwinians) believe our goal is to move forward as a human race and this progress will happen much quicker if we all act collectively like one nation.

A problem I’ve noticed in places such as India is that people put their state before country and this is the kind of attitude that needs to be changed/reversed. A Maharastrian in India will have a much stronger allegiance with another Maharastrian compared to an Indian, and although I appreciate and understand the cultural ties I think it isn’t right to act like this. This leads me on to say we should strive for social equality and this can be achieved by a white globe, however our individuality is still very important. After all there is beauty in diversity, it would be no fun if we were all the same.

A white globe refers to a world without physical land boundaries, a fairer world where everyone is collectively acting for one ultimate goal that is the same, but all using different routes to get to that goal. The type of world I’m thinking of isn’t easy to describe but I would like to reassure you that everybody would still have their own individuality and role in society (unlike communism). I would be very pleased if you could leave a comment saying whether you would be accepting of this hypothetical white globe and changed world.

This is all a bit of an hypothetical issue and therefore I haven’t thought about what kind of a leader this world would need to have. (Any ideas?-Feel free to comment!) All I know is that leadership would be required because, as the book the Lord of the Flies illustrates, our race isn’t genetically programmed to live together peacefully. We need a government or leadership to keep us under control.

This all is just something that crossed my mind. It’s just a hypothetical idea I had, albeit an interesting one for me to write about, so that I can share some of my views with the wider community. 😉

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