Weekly Writing Challenge: eBooks vs. Hardcopies

eBook vs. Hardcopy

This week’s weekly writing challenge was to write a response to the question, “How do you prefer to read, with an eReader like a Kindle or Nook, or with an old school paperback in hand?”

I have to say this is a rather tough question and my initial reaction to the question was I read a lot more books on digital devices, however I enjoy the same story more when I read a hardcopy. The reason I read more often on a Kindle is because it’s more convenient, but I prefer reading a paperback or even better a hardback, because it has makes the story have a unique, individual feel to it. (There is a lot of variation in hardcopies [size, depth etc.] but on a eReader a lot is the same.)

Being a school boy I find that using a hardcopy version of a book is far more useful than using a digital copy, because there is a lot more I can do with a hardcopy. With a hardcopy I can annotate & highlight my textbooks and literature texts. (I find this very helpful for revising and performing better in my subjects.) I know those of you who prefer eReaders will probably be telling me you have all these fancy features (annotations etc.) on a eReader, but I feel that it’s not the same.

This talk of eReaders having so many features brings me onto my next discussion point. I know that it’s wonderful to have lots of features on eReaders, but I think it kind of distorts the reading experience for me. I’m a teen who plays lots on gadgets and I’m used to reading hardcopies from a young age, so whenever I pick my Kindle up it feels more like I’m picking up a toy rather than a book. I am of the opinion that digital devices can take people slightly away from the content of the book and since you read a book for its content I’m saying that a hardcopy can be better.

At this point eBook fans may be arguing that you don’t get distracted by what you’re holding, you are fully emersed in what you’re reading, because the device you are holding is so thin. But to this I would like to respond that the size of eReaders is another problem for me. As I have already mentioned I love the unique feel each book has and I also like the fact that with a hardcopy you can feel/witness the progress you’ve made reading, whereas with a eReader every book is the same and you don’t get a physical feeling of where you are. These physical sensations, smell, feel and sight of ink on paper makes reading a hardcopy better than reading a soft copy (digital file).

After voting that I prefer hardcopies and arguing on my blog that I think hardcopies are better, I must confess that I’ve been a bit of a hypocrite as I usually read more books on my Kindle than I do on paper.

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3 Responses to Weekly Writing Challenge: eBooks vs. Hardcopies

  1. ioniamartin says:

    I read more books on kindle as well, but I still would have to say that in a perfect world I would read nothing but hardcovers. I love dust jackets and deckle edge pages. I guess I’m kind of a hypocrite as well. Great post, and wonderful blog.

  2. Just because I have an e-reader doesn’t mean I love it more. I’m with you. Physical copies are, in my book (see what I did there?) the best!

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