Do you know what you’re eating?

If I were a meat eater I would be very careful about what I consume due to the unethical practices many food suppliers are practising.

As food standards have dropped and authorities have been lax there have been numerous food scandals lately. I’m writing about this today, because I believe today is the day where this scandal has reached its peak. I have to say I’m disheartened by what has going on in the food industry, especially with the halal meat scandal in a British prison.

Earlier today the British press published news about Muslim prisoners being given pasties and pies with pork in them. Muslims only eat Halal meat (this is slaughtered in a special way) and it would be bad enough to feed them non-halal meat, but to give them food with pork in it is just atrocious, since this is the one and only item of meat that Muslims are strictly forbidden to eat according to Islamic law. (The prisoners have been informed about the scandal.) I feel empathy for the Muslims that ate the pasties, but I am sure that instead of punishing them for eating the meat, God will condemn those that supplied the meat. My question to the suppliers is, “Why in the world would you do such a thing?” The suppliers were Halal certified caterers and they would surely know about Islamic law, so why would they do such an immoral thing?

This latest scandal is following that of the horse meat scandal involving many big supermarket chains including Tesco. It was found that Tesco’s everyday value “beef burgers” contained 29% horse meat.

Burger King is another big name that has fallen into the horse meat trap. The company prides itself on using 100% beef patties, but even it admitted that some of its burgers could’ve been contaminated with horse meat.

Silvercrest is the Irish food supplier responsible for many of the contaminated burgers and many of its customers, such as Tesco, Aldi, Burger King etc. have cut ties with it. Silvercrest is part of the ABP food group, a huge organisation, and this makes the story even more shocking for me. Even the biggest organisations that claim their food is “safe” (not contaminated) have fallen into the trap of using unethical practices, for what I’m guessing is to make a little extra cash.

Our modern society has an overly consumerist culture and more and more people are falling into the abyss of materialism. This materialistic approach of wanting to increase profit margins as much as you can, even by unethical practices, is the only rational reason I can come up with as to why food suppliers would mislabel products as one thing when they are actually another thing.

I would love to hear what you think about these food scandals and why they are happening?

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3 Responses to Do you know what you’re eating?

  1. For some real food scandals check out China. Diluting milk, then adding melamine to make it test higher in protein… resulting in dead and sickened children; fake peas; sewage-contaminated recycled cooking oil; mercury in baby formula, chromium in gelatin, chlorine in soft drinks…

    Organic food is astronomically expensive and flows only to the wealthy. The rest of China rolls the dice whenever they buy their mass-produced food. I think some of the contamination is laziness or cost-cutting, resulting in contamination that the producers don’t care about. Other cases are clearly intentional, contaminating the food to achieve a certain look (like the peas) or to pass a content test (like the melamine-contaminated milk).

    It’s no secret that the global population is running up against shortages of food and potable water. For the past several years, the UN reports around a billion people who don’t have access to enough food; and over a billion have zero access to potable water. Many more spend a significant amount of time every day just hunting for water (like in the poorer neighborhoods of Delhi). I can’t help but think that with 1.2 billion people to feed, a lot of pollution, poverty, and uneven economic development, conditions are just ripe for a lot of corruption and uncaring attitudes.

    Check it out:

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