Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique

Mr response to this challenge is:


This is my interpretation of unique. The image is of a clock in my lounge. I’ll have to admit the picture isn’t too flash, it’s nothing special, however the thing it symbolises has a weighty meaning. The clock represents time, it’s an image for time, which in my opinion is the most precious thing after human life.

Right now I should say a few words about time and why it’s so special but I believe now would be the right time to introduce you to an article, which my grandfather (Mr. Dharmendra Nagda) has written. I believe it puts what I’m thinking into words effectively, whilst also providing a context for you to understand our argument.

The article is below:

“The Oxford Dictionary meaning of the word “UNIQUE” is: “of which there is only one, unequalled, having no like or equal or parallel, remarkable, unusual.” Let me take the liberty saying that after Human Life, I value this UNIQUE thing as most precious.

Before we find out what this UNIQUE thing is, let us first list down some important day-to-day things which are indeed very precious and yet not UNIQUE. I may mention here that all the important things in our day-to-day life can be; 1) CAPTURED, 2) CONSERVED, 3) CONVERTED or 4) CREATED.

Here is a small list to trigger your thinking process:

1)     MONEY / WEALTH: Yes you can earn or create a lot of it, convert it into movable or immovable assets, conserve (save) it for long or even capture wealth by a conquest of rival businesses or kingdoms, etc.

2)     AIR: You can capture it (albeit with some difficulty), you can convert it into various gases, you can liquefy it into water and can even create air waves. Thus Air can be captured.

3)     WATER: You can conserve (save) it by various means. You can capture rain water. You can convert it into gas or ice and can even create water by way of rainfall with the use of certain chemicals like silver nitrate for cloud seeding.

4)     FIRE/ENERGY: Anyone can easily create a fire and fire can produce heat energy. Similarly energy can be converted from one form to another (say mechanical energy, electrical energy, solar energy, heat energy, chemical energy, nuclear energy, etc.) Energy can easily be conserved as in a battery cell. In human beings, food intake creates energy in our bodies!

5)     SPACE: It can be created by digging deep into mother earth or by building high rise structures. Space i.e. other countries or kingdoms can be captured. Space can be saved or conserved by using small things in place of big things and so on.

6)     Natural Resources such as wood or soil also qualify to be things which can be converted or conserved, etc. Similarly all naturally occurring substances can be qualified as conservable, convertible or can be captured.

7)    Food grains, fruits, vegetables and milk products: all these qualify to be similarly labeled.

The above list is rather limited. You can and must use your imagination to list down the ‘n’ number of worldly things that can be called as 1) Conquerable, 2) Creatable, 3) Conservable or 4) Convertible.

And now as a finale to the endless list, I now propose to reveal to you  THE ONE AND ONLY THING THAT CANNOT BE CREATED OR CAPTURED OR CONSERVED OR CONVERTED: “ THE ONLY UNIQUE THING IS TIME”

The only UNIQUE and PRECIOUS thing that you can ‘give someone is “TIME”, because Time once gone, never comes back. Just like you cannot touch the same water once the river  has flown, similarly one cannot get the same time back once it is lost!


Many thanks to my grandfather, Mr Dharmendra Nagda, since without him the second half of this post wouldn’t exist. Hope you’ve enjoyed viewing/reading this post. 🙂

Check this link out if you want to participate in this challenge too!

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