The Poor Man’s Protein?

Fish used to be the poor man’s proteins in the 1980’s. The paupers would go in their numbers to their local fish market in search of their source of protein, however once again mankind has tipped the balance of nature and depleted dish supplies too fast for too long. With the rapidly growing population, especially in Asia, and the growing demand for fish man has unfortunately overfished and the consequence is that over the last decade the price of fish has inflated dramatically, so what used to be poor man’s protein is no more. Fish has become too expensive for the lower class and this means that a lot more poor people will start to develop protein deficiency, which can lead to numerous horrible diseases. The price of fish has inflated because this is what happens when the supply goes down and the demand goes up.

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One Response to The Poor Man’s Protein?

  1. Truly a terrible reality. Hopefully more people will not only step up conservation efforts, but create more replenishing cycles of production and consumption. Reminds me a bit of this Ted Talk:

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