China Combats Corruption

“Party officials are urged to come clean of their wealth.” (Quote from The Economist)

Recently in China, Wang Qishan has been appointed as the new Communist Party’s new anti-corruption chief. Mr Wang believes that the Communist’s party’s survival depends on the outcomes of their efforts against corruption.

In 2011 almost 8.4 billion yuan ($1.35 billion) in assets was recovered due to the investigation of misconduct. Corruption is one of our society’s biggest flaws and it hinders us in many ways, including economical.

Mr He Jiahong, who is a scholar at one of Beijing’s top universities, has suggested that officials disclose their family assets (property)  publically by the end of 2013, and then get amnesty (an official pardon for people who have been convicted of political offences) for any acts of corruption committed to acquire those assets.

Mr He Jiahong recognises that some officials would prefer to risk hiding their acts of corruption than to come clean. Other anti-corruption ministers have pointed out that some officials would get background amnesty anyway. This means that some officials with high status/ high security could escape from punishment anyway.

(Source used: The Economist)

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