Britain to make a break from the EU?

The Eu was made in the 1950’s by France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg. The EU made a free market. Britain didn’t join until 1973, when Europe was a thriving economy and there were many benefits to gain from the EU.

The euro-zone crisis has severely hindered Europe’s economy and the EU is heavily focused on strengthening the Euro, hence Britain has been sidelined. But that’s not the worst part of it, Britain are seen by the EU as a wealth bank, from which to extract money. This has unwanted effects on British taxpayers and hence many Britons want an exit from the EU.

British public opinion has never been that of Britain being a strong part of Europe. For one Britain isn’t part of mainland Europe. Most Britons have seen the EU as a distant economic partner not an intimate relationship.

The EU doesn’t seem to be financially worthwhile for Britain to be part of, and therefore the YouGov poll showed results as follows:

  • 49%-want to leave the EU
  • 32%-want to stay in the EU
  • 19%-unsure

No country has ever left the EU apart from Greenland. It is still not know whether Britain would make a full exit or stay half members like Switzerland and Norway. (This is presuming that David Cameron listens to his people.)

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2 Responses to Britain to make a break from the EU?

  1. First of all I believe that we belong to an international community and therefore have duty to help other countries when they are in difficulties (like the euro crisis). Secondly if Britain were to leave the EU trade in Britain would be severely damaged. I’m not sure of the exact figures but our largest trading partners by a long long way are from inside the EU. If we were to leave the EU we would find that there would be tariffs against our goods in EU countries meaning we would have a harder time selling our products. The product standards are also issued by the EU and in order to sell our products in the EU we would still have to meet those standards or our goods would be unlikely to be sold and because we had left the EU we would have no say in what those standards are. I rest my case.

    • aket95 says:

      Although I partially agree that we have a duty to help other nations in crises because we live in a global society, it has been statistically proven that it is no longer economically/financially worthwhile for Britain to stay in the EU.

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